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3 Types of Baby High Chairs And How To Choose The Right One

Highchairs are one of the first things you’ll come across when you’re first buying baby gears for your newborn. You may be surprised to find that there are 3 main types of highchairs commonly found in departmental stores.

baby high chairs

1. Traditional Highchairs

As the name implies, traditional highchairs (here is the bestseller) are the ones which we had most probably used when we were children. They are freestanding and are not attached to the dinning table or to another adult dinner chair.

There is a variety of designs and sizes available in this range of highchairs to cater to your requirements. As such, you’ll definitely be able to find one to suit your budget or style preference. You may want to pick a smaller model if you have a more compact kitchen which does not allow too much space for a bigger sized baby highchair.

I think what is most important is that the highchair is safe enough for my baby to sit in and that it’ll be able to last at least for a couple of years. As I have a pair of twins and they were also at their grandma’s place in the day, I had to buy 4 highchairs!

This is similar to the ones I bought and at a very affordable price. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Thus, it does not matter whether it’s expensive since the cost does not define the safety and features of the item. Before you head out to buy one, make sure to list your priorities first so that you get something that works best for you.

In my case, I needed the highchairs to be easy to clean and foldable so that they can be stored away when not in use. They should also be affordable since I had to buy so many!

2. Portable Hook-to-Table Highchairs

Some people prefer to get a highchair that is portable so that it can be used both at home and when they’re travelling. These hook-to-table highchairs (here’s the one with 4.6 stars and has the most customers’ reviews on Amazon) are usually smaller in size and can be hooked to your dinner table.

Since they are smaller than the traditional highchairs, you can easily fit them into the boot of your car when you travel to your parents’ or friend’s place for just a few days. It’s also very easy to use as all you need to do is to attach them to the dinner table, no extra chair or excessive space needed.

This type of highchairs is a favorite among parents with more than 1 small baby because of its space-saving benefits. However, I do not like them because I don’t get a sense of security at seeing my babies hanging off the side of the table!

3. Booster Seat Highchairs

The 3rd type of baby highchair which you can consider is the booster seat highchair. This does not require additional space or hooking to the dinner table as you just need to attach it to any dinning chair and is more suitable for toddlers. This is also suitable for traveling but if your baby is still very young and requires more support, this may not be ideal.

Usually a highchair can last for a few years so you’ll just need to decide on the most suitable one to invest in. My twins were able to sit in their highchairs till they were about 4 years old so I think it was really a worthwhile investment.


How to pick the right highchair?

A highchair is one of the first baby products you must buy for your baby because this is where your little one will sit and have their meals for the first few years of their lives. As mentioned above, my twins sat in their highchairs till they were about four to five years old, so you’ll want to buy a durable one.

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right highchair:

1. Look at the Safety Rating

It’s important that you carry out your research before you buy a highchair and the first thing you should check is its safety rating. This is information that shows how durable the item is. You should ensure that it’s not something that’s being recalled by the retailers.

There’ll also be a weight and age limit for each highchair, check them to make sure it can take the weight of your baby. It should also have a safety harness to hold your baby down when he/she is sitting in it. Finally, check to ensure that the highchair is made of a strong material. You do not want your baby to get injured using it.

2. Make Sure it is Easy to Clean

Cleanliness is of great importance for babies and you definitely don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning up the highchair, so before you buy, check to see if it’s easy to clean. This is something you can tell both by the design of the lid of the highchair and the materials used in the manufacturing.

Buy one with a sturdy plastic that allows you to easily wipe it down. The tray of the highchair should be easy to remove so you can wash it in the sink or wipe it over the trash can with no issues. You do not want to get something that has creases because then you’ll need to use small tools to get the crumbs out which can be very tedious and time-consuming.


3. Consider Comfort of Your Baby

The purpose of using a highchair is to support your baby when he/she is eating, so it also needs to be comfortable. When choosing a highchair, check that it has a nice, padded seat for your baby’s bottom. You don’t want a seat which is hard or it’ll be uncomfortable and your baby will reject it.

It’ll be great if it has a footrest for your baby. You may not realize its benefits now but when your baby grows older, his/her feet will be dangling uncomfortably if there’s no footrest available. Another thing you should check for is whether there are any components that might cause injury or harm to your baby, such as sharp edges around the seat or on the foot rest that would scratch your baby’s legs.

4. Mobility

Regardless of whether you intend to buy a traditional or a portable hook-to-table highchair, you’ll definitely not want to put it in one fix place. Thus, its mobility is something which you need to consider as well. You’ll not want something that is too heavy for you to lift and move out of the way when you’re doing your cleaning.

5. Budget

As mentioned, there’s a wide price range of high chair available, so it’s important that you consider your budget first. Do not get something based on its designs, especially if you cannot afford it. Keep in mind that having a new member to the family means that your monthly expenses will increase, so you’ll need to learn how to plan your budget properly.

Regardless of whether you intend to head out to your local baby items’ department or shop online for your baby highchair, make sure you list down your priorities first. Make use of the tips above to draw up your list. As this is going to be an investment that’ll last a few years, you do not want to rush into buying something that you’ll regret later.

Do remember to come back here to share with us your experience in getting the new high chair. Which tip was useful for you and what additional tips do you have for other readers?

Sheena 😉

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