3 Types of Baby High Chairs And How To Pick The Right One


​When you start purchasing baby gear, you will come across various types of high chairs. There are actually quite a few different types and styles to choose from, such as wooden ones, metal ones and even those that you need to DIY.

So how do you know which one should you buy for your baby?

​Here are some of the main types of high chairs to consider getting for your baby. Hopefully this will help you decide which is the most suitable for you.


​Traditional High Chairs

​The first type of high chair you might consider for your baby is a traditional high chair. These are the standard high chairs that don’t connect to anything but are freestanding.

​Even within the traditional type of high chair, you will find a lot of different styles and sizes to fit your needs.

Regardless of your budget or design preferences, there is definitely a high chair out there for you. If your kitchen is compact, you can choose one of the smaller models, or get a high-end high chair if you don’t mind spending a little more on it. 

It is important that you pay attention to the features and safety instead of just the appearance or the price. A more expensive high chair is not necessarily a safer and sturdier one, or a high chair that is easy to clean. 

Make a list of your priorities before deciding which one will work best for you.

​Portable Hook-to-Table High Chairs

​There are also portable high chairs, primarily with those that hook to a table. These high chairs are perfect at home and when you are traveling.

Due to the smaller size, they are much easier to bring with you on a road trip since they fit in the trunk of your car, or to bring along to your parent’s house for the weekend. You don’t want to lug around a full-size traditional high chair when you’re going to be gone for a couple days.

​These smaller high chairs simply hook to the end of a dining room table, so no extra chairs or excessive space is being used up. You can use these at home if you want your baby to sit at the table, but you don’t really have the extra kitchen space for a traditional stand-alone high chair. They are also great when you have more than one baby in high chairs at the same time, also for space-saving benefits.

Personally I do not like this kind of high chair because I do not feel safe putting my baby into one! As the only support is coming from the attachment to the table, I do not have the sense of security that I have with using the traditionally high chairs but that's just me. I do get paranoid sometimes so I prefer to stick to the usual ones 🙂

However, if you want to save space or prefer something less costly, you can consider buying one of these hook on baby high chairs. Just make sure you've ​attached it ​securely to the table before putting your baby in and make sure your table is sturdy enough not to topple over.

​Booster Seat High Chairs

​The last type of high chair to consider getting for your baby is a booster high chair. This isn’t for infants, but for older babies and toddlers. It is a high chair that is placed right on a dining room​ chair and secured tightly. 

It is similar to the booster seats you will find at restaurants. It uses very little space, doesn’t require hooking to the table, and is also ideal for traveling or visiting grandma’s house for the weekend.

​​5 Tips To Help You Pick the Right Baby High Chair 

​A high chair is something you will need for your baby, making it one of the must-have baby items. This is where your baby will sit and eat their meals all the way up to toddler age. 

Therefore, it is vital that you pick the right baby high chair that can last you for many years. So how do you pick the best one?

Here are ​​5 tips for picking the right high chair...


1. Safety Rating

​One of the most important things to look at when you are trying to find the right high chair is the safety rating.

Every high chair will have certain safety information that shows exactly how durable it is. Before you buy a baby gear, you should also make sure the type of item you are purchasing is not currently recalled. 

Most retailers will keep you updated and not sell the product any longer, so that is good. Make sure you take notice of the weight and age limits for the high chair​. ​Check that it has a secure safety harness, and that it is made of strong materials to prevent any accident.

2. Ease of Cleaning

​Somet​hing that ​new moms forget to check when they are shopping around for a new high chair is ​its ease of cleaning.

This is something you can tell both by the design of the lid of the high chair and the materials. Look for a sturdy plastic that lets you easily wipe it down.

The tray of the high chair should be easy to remove so you can wash it in the sink or wipe it over the trash can with no issues. Make sure the edge of the tray doesn’t have any creases where you need small tools just to get the food and crumbs out.

3. Comfort of Your Baby

​You want the high chair to be something that keeps your baby comfortable and supported when she is sitting in the high chair. So look for a chair that has nice, padded seat to keep your baby’s bottom comfortable when sitting in the chair. 

Having a footrest is recommended, especially when your baby gets a little older and has dangling feet. Also check that there aren’t any components that might cause injury or harm to your baby, such as sharp edges around the seat or on the foot rest that would scratch your baby’s legs.

Your baby's skin is very delicate so any rough edges or surfaces will easily scratch the skin and cause pain to your little one.


4. Mobility

Even if you have a standard-size high chair, you need it to be easy to move around. You probably won’t keep it in the exact same spot in your kitchen at all times, so ensure it isn’t too difficult to move from one spot to another in your kitchen or dining room area. 

It should be easy to lift and move aside when cleaning it or when you need it out of the way while cleaning the kitchen floors, without parts coming off during the movement.

​5. ​Budget

​I've listed this as the last point but I know to some, this may be the most important point to consider. It was definitely one of the considerations that I had to take note of when I was choosing the right high chair to purchase. ​Iin fact, I had to buy 4! Story below if you're interested...)​

If you have a tight budget, then don't go for something that'll cost you a couple of hundreds to purchase. Buy one that is affordable and durable. Make sure it can last you for a few years.

​What's Next...

​As I mentioned above, ​​I had to buy 4 high chairs ​when my twins were young. My mother-in-law used to take care of my kids but ​​I had to send them over to her house so ​​I'll need to get 2 for her place. It'll too much of a hassle bringing 2 high chairs to and fro each day!

Since ​I'll need​ to have 2 in my house in order to make it easier for feeding and also to have dinner together each day, I ended up buying 4 high chairs! 

​So my considerations back then was to get something affordable, durable, easy to clean and can be stored away when not in use. It was also great that the trays could be removed because when my twins were older, I could remove the trays and move them nearer to the dinning table to eat with us.

This way, I do not have to worry about them falling off the normal dinning chairs. My high chairs were able to last my twins till they were around 4 years old.

I bought mine from my local store but they're similar to the one below...

​Now that you're armed with the knowledge of what are the high chairs ​available in the market and how to pick the most suitable one, you're now be ready to make your purchase​!

Don't rush into getting one ​as your baby will only be able to sit in a high chair comfortably when he/she is at least a few months old. It's more important to ensure that you do not regret your choice as it should be able to last you a few years!

​Happy ​shopping!

Sheena 🙂

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