About Us

Hi, welcome to PowerMomsClub.com! In the picture on your left, you see my husband, Elvis and myself (Sheena).

Thank you for dropping by PowerMomsClub.com and I hope you’ll find the tips that I share with you on this site to be useful in helping you as you play the different roles expected of being a mom!

Both of us live in Singapore and we’re a loving couple, having been married for over 19 years (since 1999), with an additional 12 years of dating before that! We have an adorable pair of twins (a boy and a girl) and they will be turning 11 years old this year.

As the parents of a pair of twins, we can totally understand how busy and stressful each day can get as you put on the different hats of being a mom. It is not uncommon to see friends and co-workers looking very dejected when they go to work, especially on Mondays and we both think that is very sad. We feel that everyone should live life to the fullest and be happy each day! As such, we’ve created PowerMomsClub.Com to share our knowledge.

You’re most welcome to visit our website where you can read articles, reports, listen to podcasts and watch videos to keep you motivated, inspired and learn tips on caring and bonding with your family. We will be adding more content regularly to help members learn, so do drop by often. 🙂

To your happiness!

Sheena & Elvis 😉


More about us:

I am a certified Master Life Coach, specializing in teaching Happiness, Goal Success and Life Purpose. I’ve also been a school English teacher since 1992 so you can say that I’ve great experience with kids!

Elvis is a certified LOA Basic Practitioner.