National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes Review


​Hi, Mummy! Do you sometimes feel that it's very difficult to buy a gift for your child? You want to get them something that they'll enjoy and yet at the same time learn something. Why not get a set of geodes which they can break open to find crystal for themselves?

​Kids today spend a lot less time outdoors, thanks to technology. However, with this great geode treasure kit, you can now bring the wonders of nature into the home.

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​Produced by National Geographic, each kit comes with 10 different geodes. Ranging in size from a tennis ball to a ping pong ball, these stunning geodes break open to reveal the glistening crystals inside.

​Impeccable Quality Guaranteed

​When you receive these geodes, you’re guaranteed to discover a range of different colors, and each has been hand-picked for its impeccable quality. You will need a hammer to break them open, but safety goggles are provided.

​It’s also worth noting that if you receive some of the larger geodes, you may need a chisel and a hammer to crack them open. This is because they tend to be quite solid and difficult to break. However, the smaller geodes are really easy for your kids to break.

​You may want to ensure that an adult is around to supervise when your child is breaking the geodes open to prevent any injury. It may also be safer to carry out the activity on the floor over a mat so that the hammer or chisel will not accidentally destroy any of your flooring or table.

Valuable Lesson About Geodes And Their Development

​This kit doesn’t just let you smash open the geodes and discover beautiful hidden crystals - it’s educational too. You’ll find a learning guide included which teaches you and your kids how geodes are formed during volcanic eruptions.

It also shows you the types of crystals you could find hidden inside. Part of the fun with these geodes is that you never know what you’re getting. Each pack is 100% different from the next. So, you’ll end up with a fantastic range of different crystals.

​100% National Geodes Selection

​These geodes have come from genuine volcanic eruptions. They aren’t manmade like many other geodes available on the marketplace. That’s why there are no guarantees over which crystals you end up with as each pack is unique.


​While these geodes are essentially a learning tool for kids, you might be surprised by just how much you enjoy breaking them open too! Smashing them open with a hammer, particularly the harder ones, can be pretty therapeutic. So, they really do provide fun for the whole family.

​100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​National Geographic is so sure you and the kids will love these 10 geode packs that they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means, if you’re not happy for whatever reason, you’ll get your money back.

So, if you’re looking for an educational but fun gift for the kids, this National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes pack is a great choice. When else will you and the kids get to see real volcanic geodes?

​What To Do With The Crystals

​You may be wondering what use are the crystals after you've opened up the geodes? You can put them on the stand for display around the house. For the smaller crystal pieces, you can even put them into bead cages pendants to be made into necklaces which you can either wear them or even give to friends as gifts! So more family fun with making necklaces using the newfound crystals!

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