Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit Review


​Hi, Mummy! I'm sure you know that kids love to carry out experiments, so, if you’re looking to give them an exciting yet educational gift, this Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit is sure to be a winner! In fact, I'm ​getting this for my twins too!

​Designed for kids aged 6 and over, this incredible kit comes with 11 awesome activities. These do-it-yourself experiments require zero expert skills and can be fully carried out at home.

However, adult supervision is recommended, though you really won’t mind doing so when you see the types of mind-blowing experiments you’ll be supervising!


​Unlike rival experimental kits, this kit features some of the coolest experiments of them all. Think test tube sunsets, color changing erupting volcanoes and growing your own jiggly, colorful crystals.

This Science experiment kit contains literally hours of exciting entertainment for your child! It'll definitely develop any child's love for Science!

​You’ll also love the fact that none of the experiments featured are overly messy. You may end up with a few minor spills though, so it’s best to work on a flat, clear surface that’s easy to wipe clean. You may want to have a few rugs on standby in case there​ are any minor accidents.

​You could even help them feel like budding scientists by investing in one of those white lab coats for kids. This will add to the experience, while also protecting their clothes against spills. It's better to get the ones which are made of soft fabric so that it'll be gentle on your child's skin.

​Worried your kids will ask you questions you can’t possibly answer? Fear not, this kit has you covered. Within the included activity guide, you’ll find awesome mind-blowing science secrets. These are there so you can easily explain what is going on in each experiment.

​So, you really don’t need to be a science guru, you can just pretend you know what you’re talking about! However, if you are open to learning more about the basics of science, this kit could benefit you too.

​With older kids who may be more curious, you can even turn it into a mini project where they carry out research online to find out more about the facts behind the experiments that they've carried out. You can guide them along and even learn with them!

​As well as carrying out the actual experiments, your kids will learn more about basic science principles. They’ll discover the differences between bases and acids, as well as how to use tools such as pipettes and test tubes. It’s extremely educational yet super-fun at the same time.


​Although the kit comes with most things you’ll need, there are some additional extras to be aware of. However, the extra items needed can typically be found in your kitchen, such as baking flour, measuring spoons and grape juice.

​So, if you’re looking for STEM based gift your kids are sure to love, you’ll definitely want to consider this awesome science kit. Available at such an affordable price, it’s an investment you won’t regret making.

Plus, you might even learn a little more about science yourself. This can definitely be a good introduction to Science for your kids if they've not started learning it at school.

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