Top 5 Baby Products A New Mom Must Have

During your pregnancy, there’re going to be many things that you’ll want to buy, especially when you see all the beautiful baby products sold in the children’s departmental store. You’ll feel like you really need to buy everything but not all of it is essential.

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Instead of buying every type of baby product and gear you find, keep it simple and just get what is truly necessary. Trust me, the money that you save will come in handy later when your baby grows bigger. I should know because I’m blessed with a pair of twins!

For a start, these 5 baby products are the must have items every new mom needs:

1. Feeding and Daily Supplies

Feeding and daily supplies are going to be necessary from the moment your baby is born. Even if you are nursing, you might need a breast pump and some bottles to store breast milk when you are pumping at work. It’s always better to get these things early instead of waiting till just before you go back to work as you’ll be busy with your newborn by then.

Depending on your needs, you may also need to stock up on baby formula, bottles and nipples, and storage for your feeding supplies. You’ll need to get at least 2 baby bottles (and there’re different kinds to suit different age group of newborns) so that you don’t have to rush to get them washed, although it’s always best to wash the bottles right after each use.

You’ll also need a baby bottle warmer and sterilizer to ensure that all your baby bottles and nipples are sterilized before you use them to feed your baby. Your newborn is still very weak and you need to ensure that these items are germ-free.

For daily supplies, you’ll need to buy items like baby clothes and pampers (and this is the no. 1 choice for newborns). You don’t need to buy too many pieces of clothing but you’ll definitely need to get some for day usage and long-sleeved ones for night time use.

You’ll also have to stock up on pampers and ensure that you don’t leave your baby in soiled ones for too long or his/her skin will develop a rash. Remember to get proper storage for these items as well so they’re kept clean and ready for you when you need them.

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2. Bassinet or Crib

You must make sure you have somewhere safe for your baby to sleep. If you decide to co-sleep, that is totally fine, but you may still want a co-sleeper for the bed. This keeps your baby contained and in one spot on the bed next to you, keeping it safe from rolling, but also allowing you to keep the baby safe next to you and your spouse.

If you don’t want to co-sleep, but want the baby in your room, there is the option of getting a bassinet. This can be placed right next to your bed since it is small and easy to move around as needed. A crib will eventually be needed, though you don’t necessarily need it right away.

However, it is good to think about a crib now. There are cribs that convert to toddler and kid beds, so the investment is well worth it. You’ll save more by buying a crib right from the start because your baby will outgrow a bassinet very quickly.

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When my babies were little, we bought the twin crib because it’s big enough for both my twins to sleep in it together. We believe that twins who sleep together will grow up to be closer to each other. It also makes it easier for my husband and I to play with both babies at the same time! 😊

3. Stroller and Car Seat

One of the first types of items you’ll need is a car seat, which is often combined with a stroller, making this an important combo item to have for your baby (and this is the bestselling Car Seat Stroller combo on Amazon). While you don’t need a car seat that fits in the stroller, it is highly recommended when you have an infant. It makes it much easier to move them to the stroller and back to the car.

Aside from the combo units, there are a variety of other strollers to consider getting for your baby. There are standard-size strollers, small travel strollers that are easy to fold up and put in your trunk, and jogging strollers if you intend to walk or run with your baby.

4. Highchair

You will also need to have a highchair at least by the time your baby starts sitting up and eating, as opposed to holding your baby to nurse. Try to get the highchair within the first few months after your baby is born if you don’t get it while you are pregnant.

Basic baby highchairs are stand-alone chairs you can put anywhere in your kitchen. They are small and lightweight enough to move around to different areas of your dining room table and move out of the way when they are not needed.

To save space, there are also highchairs that attach to the end of a dining table, which are also good for traveling. However, I feel that these chairs are not as safe since they are just hanging off the sides of the tables, especially when my twins were not tiny babies! They were about 2.2kg each at birth!

I wrote an article on the 3 main types of baby high chairs you may want to consider and also 5 tips to help you pick the right high chair. Click here to read the post.

5. Baby Entertainment

You might also want to pick up a few things that will keep your baby occupied and entertained when he or she starts becoming more alert. Bouncy seats are often a great option since they aren’t too expensive, don’t take up a lot of space, and can help keep baby occupied while preparing breakfast or folding laundry.

You can also get some toys for the crib and playmat when your baby is having tummy time, some soft snuggly toys to cuddle with, and bright and noisy toys for when your baby is a little older.

With these 5 types of baby products, you’re somewhat prepared for your newborn’s arrival. There may be other items you’ll need later, but these will suffice for now. Raising a child will need a lot of money in the long-term, so you need to ensure that you spend only on the necessary items for now. Your baby will grow very fast and there’ll be other items that you’ll have to spend on later.

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